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We need one of these at Port Authority

Swiped from the geniuses over at i09 —

T-600 in TorontoYour Morning Commute Is Terminated!

A T-600 (from Terminator Salvation) took over Toronto’s Yonge and Bloor subway station, flashing its eyes and moving around, to the terror of morning commuters.

According to this article, the lifesize killer robot caused a fair bit of commotion on the subway platform. And it appeared a day late, because there were huge problems getting a massive metal monster through security at an American airport.

Yeah, I can imagine walking that beast through a metal detector might pose a few problems. And how would you like to be the poor schmo sitting next to it coach for three hours? How do you make small talk with that thing? And what if you have the window seat and need to use the lavatory, and the T-600 says, “Just hold it”?

I guess it’s too bad Terminator and Battlestar Galactica are owned by different studios, because suddenly I have a hankering to see a death match that pits the T-600 against a classic BSG centurion….