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Listen to Me Yammer Online

If you’d like to hear me share some behind-the-scenes insights regarding my new Star Trek: The Next Generation trilogy Cold Equations, you’re in luck: John S. Drew and Julio Angel Ortiz have just posted The Chronic Rift’s 45-minute interview with moi that was recorded last month at New York Comic Con. We talk at length about the new trilogy, the state of the Star Trek literary franchise, my new screenwriting projects, and more.

I’d like to thank John and Julio again for letting me use their podcasting table as my home base at New York Comic Con, and for having me back as their guest on The Chronic Rift. If you listen to the podcast, make sure to leave a comment on their site so they’ll know you were there….


Star Trek Vanguard Podcasts

At long last, the promised Star Trek Vanguard Authors’ Roundtable Podcast is live and available for download and streaming playback thanks to John S. Drew and Keith R.A. DeCandido at The Chronic Rift.

This roughly hour-long discussion brings together the Vanguard series’ original editor, Marco Palmieri, myself, and fellow authors and creative partners Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore. We answer questions submitted by fans, covering everything from the saga’s inception to its finale.

We also announce the winners of the Star Trek Vanguard autographed book sets — congratulations to Johnny Blues and Nick Fisher — as well as the special-prize recipient, Rick Mackey, who receives a limited-edition lenticular poster of the cover art from the series’ first novel, Harbinger.

Another special treat is my April 17, 2012, 90-minute audio interview with Timewarp and Nydra at, and which is now available via the Trek Radio On Demand page. We discussed not only Star Trek Vanguard but also my recent Mirror Universe novel Rise Like Lions, my upcoming trilogy Cold Equations, and the writing life in general.

PLUS! COMING UP ON MONDAY, APRIL 23 from 3PM–5PM, I will be back on Trek Radio with a very special presentation: The Music of Star Trek Vanguard. I will be sharing not only commentary but also complete musical tracks that were either mentioned in the text of the novels or that inspired specific events, characters, and the master arc of the series itself. This promises to be a unique glimpse into both my creative process and the backstory of the saga.

I’m bloviating again…

…this time as a guest of podcast The Chronic Rift, hosted by my friends Keith R.A. DeCandido and John S. Drew. During this episode of their long-running series, I and fellow guest Chase Masterson discuss with Keith and John what we think made Star Trek: Deep Space Nine such a totally awesome television series.

Head on over, download the episode, give it a listen, then leave comments on the episode’s page, the Chronic Rift’s Facebook page, or on their call-in message line.