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How to spend a day not writing

I have managed to squander a whole day that should have been spent writing.

First, after sending my wife off to work at 6:45am, I went back to bed, because I had been up writing until 2am the night before and had been unable to fall asleep until around 3am.

Second, I went into Manhattan and had lunch with some of my friends.

Third, I went from lunch to Brooklyn, where I met with my editor Marco and went on a bus ride up Flatbush Avenue and then on a walking tour of Park Slope, as research for the novel that I am currently (supposed to be) writing.

Fourth, on the way home, I traveled one extra stop on the train so that I could go to our favorite Italian specialty store and buy some good prosciutto di parma.

Fifth, I came home and retreated into my office to surf the ‘net and “decompress.” Which is how I stumbled across today’s “American Voices” feature on The Onion and noticed that its fictional names are shufflings of the given names and surnames of famous science-fiction and fantasy authors.

Soon, my wife will be home. Then it will be time to make dinner. Eat. Watch TV until she passes out on the couch. Wash the dishes. Make her lunch and coffee for tomorrow. Put her to bed. Then collapse in it beside her, lamenting another day expended without new words in the book.