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Today’s reason to hate Time Warner Cable

A few days ago, I received a postcard from Time Warner Cable. I was prepared to ignore the innocuous-looking missive, but out of curiosity, I glanced at its spare single-paragraph message:

Dear Time Warner Cable Customer:

As of October 15, 2012, an Internet Modem Lease Fee will be applied to Time Warner Cable-provided modems, at a rate of $3.95 per month. If you would like to use your own modem, visit for a list of approved modems.

Thank you.

I stared at this message in a state of disbelief. I’ve been using the same crappy Toshiba cable modem that came with my broadband Internet service several years ago. Now, all of a sudden, TWC wants to charge me $4 a month for the privilege of letting that lump of junk sit on my desk?

To spare the uninterested, the rest of this rant lies behind the cut. (more…)


For the past several weeks, I’ve been enjoying the new HBO original series Game of Thrones, based on the novels by George R.R. Martin. Though I usually roll my eyes at solicitations to watch cable channels’ content online, I like GoT enough that I was willing to give HBO’s new online video site a try.

So I logged on, followed the links, and saw this:

That’s right — of all the cable providers who offer access to HBOgo, the one that is most noticeably absent is my own: Time Warner Cable. Which I find galling, because Time Warner owns HBO.