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Blind Devotion on Star Trek Re-watch

It’s a dreary, drizzly Thursday here in New York City, but there’s a bright spot in the gloom: a brand-new installment of the series Star Trek Re-watch by yours truly, ably aided and abetted by Dayton Ward.

This week, Dayton and I sink our teeth into the third season’s fifth aired episode, Is There in Truth No Beauty? — and, for once, we’re not in complete agreement about its merits.

Watch the episode for free on the CBS website, then read our review and leave a comment to tell us what you think!

Thursday Snark: Star Trek Re-watch

She's crying because she knows this shitty episode will be listed on her IMDb profile forever.

It’s that time again, kids: me and my buddy Dayton Ward return with another installment of Star Trek Re-watch on

This week’s season-three stinker is And the Children Shall Lead.” Because Dayton and I suffered through watching this misbegotten turd from the south end of The Great Bird of the Galaxy, the least you guys can do is go read what we managed to write about in between failed attempts to claw out our own eyes.

But be warned: you’ll want to have a few stiff drinks first. This one really is that bad.

A wee bout of “The Paradise Syndrome”

The wait is over! (Okay, it’s only been seven days, but it was still a wait. Kind of.) The latest installment of the Star Trek Re-watch, by myself and Dayton Ward, is now live. See what we think of the third-season TOS episode The Paradise Syndrome.” (You know, the one where Kirk goes and lives with the Indians? “Dances with Obelisks”? Yeah, that one.)

In a new feature, I will present here two uncensored versions of paragraphs from our column that were expurgated by the eminently tasteful folks over at Tor, with the censored bits in boldface type:


The trio seeks out the nearest group of life-forms, who appear to be Native Americans—a colony comprising traits of the Navajo, Mohican, and Delaware tribes, according to Spock’s expert eye (and online subscription to Naughty Squaws magazine).


On the planet, Kirk—excuse me, Kirok—gets cut in a knife fight with Salish, who growls, “Behold a god who bleeds!” Never mind that—behold a grown man who can’t get over a bad breakup. Someone get this jackass a mug of fire water and send him on a vision quest before he hurts himself.

Good cuts or bad cuts? I’ll leave that call to the readers. Go read the full article and decide for yourself!

Analyzing “The Enterprise Incident”

Q. What do you get when you combine an insane Starfleet captain, a horny female Romulan Commander wearing hooker boots and an über-miniskirt, and some thrice-chewed scenery?

A. The original Star Trek episode The Enterprise Incident,” which also happens to be one of the best episodes of the show’s third season and a standout from the series as a whole.

Over at, fellow Star Trek author Dayton Ward and I tear into this gem from the show’s 1968-69 season in Tor’s latest installment of Star Trek Re-watch.” Check it out!

My madness spreads to

In the words of Theoden, “So it begins.”

Dayton Ward and I take up the task of reviewing season-three episodes of the classic Star Trek television series over at, starting with Spock’s Brain.”

Also, for those who like books and t-shirts, is having a giveaway to welcome me and Dayton  to their blogging family. Enter to win signed copies of Star Trek Vanguard: Open Secrets and Star Trek Vanguard: Precipice, along with a “rock-paper-scissors-lizard-Spock” t-shirt!