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In stores now: NO TURNING BACK

Approximately 20 months ago, I was introduced to a charismatic and inspiring man named Bryan Anderson. A U.S. Army veteran of the Iraq War, he came home from that conflict in 2005 after the humvee he had been driving was hit by an IED that took both his legs, the lower half of his left arm, and part of his right hand, as well as scouring him with shrapnel.

The miracle isn’t that Bryan survived a direct hit by a platter charge; the miracle isn’t that he endured a grueling rehabilitation process at Walter Reed Medical Center; the miracle is that after all that, he is able to live his life with a joy and gusto that few people ever know. His life is a testament to the simple credo, “Give it all.”

Rather than see himself as reduced or limited by his injuries, he lives without limits and without fear, a courageous and inspiring example to all of us that the secret to happiness in life is first choosing to be happy—and then making it happen.

Bryan has shared his stories and insights with live audiences all over the country, and now he has put his words into print in his new memoir and guide to life, No Turning Back: One Man’s Inspiring True Story of Courage, Determination, and Hope. I had the privilege of being Bryan’s co-author on this book, and I hope that readers everywhere will give it a look.

Peace out, my friends. And give it all.