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Analog Tweets for 2009-07-16

  • For those who prefer to order from Amazon, THE CALLING is now in stock there, as well: #
  • WIRED: “Ask a Basterd: Can I Answer My Cell at a Movie if It Seems Urgent?” – #
  • WIRED: “Know What Makes a Good Viral Video” – #
  • WIRED: “Ask a Basterd: Can I Talk on the Phone While Taking a Whiz?” – #
  • One writer gets a Shadow Complex, another writer gets an Inferiority Complex. Such is the cycle of the writing life. #
  • Just added to my blogroll. Maybe it’ll get my site listed there someday… or maybe it won’t. #

Analog Tweets for 2009-07-15

  • Turned in the outline for the next novel on my slate, MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN DEATH. Now I can finish prepping for my trip to Ireland… #
  • Man Charged 23 Quadrillion Bucks for Pack of Cigarettes – – Mom always said it was an expensive habit, but sheesh… #
  • Trying to add Twitter to my Facebook pages. Not having much luck so far. Color me vexed. #
  • Yay! My box of comps for THE CALLING just arrived! I’ll take one to Ireland and leave it in the B&B’s reading room… #

My exciting day

Slept until 2pm. Showered. Hurried out to the fresh-pasta place to resupply the freezer with quality ziti, rigatoni, and fettucine, and to have linguine for tonight’s dinner.

Came home. Had my bagel with a shmear and my cup o’ joe.

Checked e-mail. Surfed the Intertubes.

Wrote this pointless post to keep my blog “fresh.” (Do you ever have days when your blog feels “not so fresh”?)

Now I must begin my read-through and polishing draft of the second half of Star Trek Vanguard: Precipice, which is due tomorrow.

At some point today, I might even send out a tweet to all four of my followers on Twitter.