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Glad to Be Home

Ireland was wonderful, and I will soon write a more detailed account of the trip. However, at the moment my wife and I are exhausted and just happy to be home to snuggle with our cats.

Even if our house does stink of mothballs. (But that’s another story….)

Signing off for now…

This will be my last blog post for about a week, gentle readers.

Deadlines have been met. The house is cleaned, the fridge emptied of perishables. The trash is out, the plants are watered, and the car service has been called.

Catsitting has been arranged, provisions are in place, and the animals’ litter is clean.

Our bags are packed and passports are in hand.

My wife has an errand to run, and then we take our showers, get dressed, and wait for the car to the airport.

Tonight we depart for Ireland!

I won’t have e-mail or web access while I’m away, and my cell phone will be useless in Europe.

See y’all in a week.

At long last I take my journey

Ever since I was a young man, I have dreamed of traveling to Ireland. So much about it — its music, accents, native language, countryside, legends — has spoken to my imagination like no other place of which I’ve ever learned. So for my fortieth birthday, this will be my slightly belated gift to myself: My wife and I are going to Ireland for a week this July.