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I say, “Make Mary ‘Dehner’!”

Actor and devoted Star Trek fan Mary Czerwinski (known on Twitter as @Televixen) is staging a grassroots campaign to persuade J.J. Abrams & Co. to cast her in the next Star Trek feature film as Dr. Elizabeth Dehner. Whether that character is in the film or not.

Mary asked me to record a testimonial video for her site,, and because I find it nearly impossible to refuse foxy dames who ask for my help, I obliged:

Visit her website to see more testimonial videos by the likes of authors Kevin Dilmore (one of my partners-in-crime on the Star Trek Vanguard series) and Larry Nemecek, adult film star and director Lily Cade, TV host Chris Gore, Captain Picard impersonator Giles Aston, and G&T Show co-host Nick Minecci.

Sweet Vanguardian goodness…

This just made my day:

Friend and fellow Star Trek novelist Dave Galanter sent me a link today to a really cool piece of CGI on YouTube. It’s by German visual-effects artist Tobias Richter of The Light Works, which does the effects for the fan-produced series Star Trek: Phase II.

It’s an effects test of a flyby for a starbase modeled on Vanguard, the eponymous principal setting of the Star Trek Vanguard series I developed with editor Marco Palmieri, and on which I share writing privileges with Marco and with Dayton Ward & Kevin Dilmore.

(Filed under “credit where due,” the Watchtower-class starbase was designed by Masao Okazaki of The Starfleet Museum, working from canonical starbase designs seen in the original series.)

I don’t know whether this was made just for fun or for a purpose, but either way, I like it! Here’s hoping the final markings make it officially a Vanguard rendering.

Calling all Facebookers…

Let’s say you have a profile on Facebook. And, for whatever reason, you have not yet added me as a friend. “What would be the point?” you ask.  It’s a fair question.

Well, if you’re a fan of Keith R.A. DeCandido, or if you’d just like to see me and several other bestselling authors of Star Trek tie-in novels embarrass ourselves as amateur stand-up comedians, here’s a reason: I have posted the edited video of The Shore Leave Roast of Keith R.A. DeCandido on my Facebook profile. It is, however, only viewable by people who are my “friends” on Facebook.

How do you become one of those friends? Easy: just ask. All are welcome. Come and join me on Facebook, watch the vids, and leave a comment if you like.

(Why, yes, I am utterly shameless. … Why do you ask?)

That thumping sound you hear…

…is me beating my head against my desk. After several nights’ worth of work on a very large video editing project, I began to encounter maddening technical glitches tonight as I moved on to what I hoped would be the intermediate phase of the project.

Instead, I belatedly discovered that the video media I had used to build the project were in the wrong format. I had to throw out all of my work (no, there was no way to save it). I am now forced to go back to the master files and export new media for the project — and, to make matters worse, the new files will be much larger.

I might have to buy a new external hard drive just for this project. Blurgle.

Methinks I will have to cancel my social engagements for the weekend to put this job back on schedule…

Crazy Sexy Geeks

I know, I know — long time no post. I’ve been digging my way out from beneath the trifecta of overlapping deadlines. With two down and one to go, I feel I’ve earned the right to take a breath and tell y’all about something cool:

Crazy Sexy Geeks, the new weekly web-video series by actor Jose Ramos and comic-book historian Alan Kistler that seeks to enlighten mainstream audiences about comic books, movies, TV, and genre-related pop culture.

Watch the first episode of Crazy Sexy Geeks on YouTube (featuring an interview with actress, filmmaker and author Amber Benson) and link it if you dig it!