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I engage with “Digressive Obscenity”

A few weeks ago, I traveled to a gritty corner of deepest, darkest Long Island City here in Queens, NY, to sit with actor, writer, and incredibly tall guy Paul Guyet for an in-depth podcast interview unlike most others in which I’ve taken part over the years.

Though Paul steered the later segment of the podcast toward a discussion of my work as a writer for Star Trek and other properties, the first part of our conversation was much more open-ended, exploring topics about which I am rarely asked in interviews.

Here is Paul’s capsule description of the show:

“I sit down with the author of The Calling, Wolverine: Road of Bones, and the New York Times bestselling trilogy Star Trek: Cold Equations.

“We also discuss his ‘benign mental break’ which manifested in an obsession with rabbits, the intricacies of David Fincher’s ‘Janie’s Got a Gun’ music video, and how he would end things in the Star Trek universe.”

The result is a refreshingly different, offbeat, and candid interview that I think both my friends and my fans will find informative and entertaining.

So, if you’ve got a decent chunk of downtime to fill, point your browser at Paul’s Tumblr and either download or stream Digressive Obscenity, Episode 11: David Alan Mack.


More love for my Wolvie book

Road of Bones CoverIt must be the new movie’s influence that suddenly has my Wolverine novel, Road of Bones, in the blogs. This time it’s courtesy my friend Paul Kupperberg, who lists my book in his Bookgasm post about notable prose adventures based on The X-Men.


Here is the money quote (from the end of the article):

Mack … is an old pro at creating fast-paced, action-packed adventure tales, and he brings all his skills to bear on this story.

Not bad, not bad. Thanks, Paul!

Now I just need to figure out how to get some high-profile love for my upcoming original thriller The Calling

One crisis at a time, though.

An MTV plug for my Wolverine novel

Thanks to new MTV Splash Page contributor Alan Kistler, my Wolverine novel, Road of Bones, got a nice shout-out in his article:

5 Must-Read Wolverine Stories To Prepare You For ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’

Le quote d’argent:

If you’ve never read a Wolverine comic in your life or you’re not really interested in superhero stories, this novel offers a crash course on Marvel’s most famous mutant while also delivering a layered thriller.

Thanks, Alan!