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Talking Discovery and Dark Arts on TrekZone Spotlight

In late January of 2018 I recorded a video interview via satellite with Australia’s own TrekZone Spotlight, hosted by Matthew Miller. We spoke about my work for Star Trek Discovery, the differences in writing licensed fiction versus original works, and my upcoming new Dark Arts original fantasy series, which kicks off on January 30 with The Midnight Front.

Our discussion was brief (only about 25 minutes), but it yielded some excellent material. I had a great time chatting with Matthew about my work, and I hope you’ll give this interview a look.

Henson’s Eleven

Most people who know me are well aware of just how much I enjoy the Steven Soderbergh remake of Ocean’s Eleven (and also its second sequel, Ocean’s Thirteen). I’m also a big goober when it comes to how much I love The Muppet Show.

Now some clever YouTuber has mashed together two of my favorite things into something utterly adorable: Henson’s Eleven.

It’s the audio track from the Ocean’s Eleven theatrical trailer with various clips from the Muppet films.

This is truly perfect. Just thought I’d share.

(Seen on Huffington Post)