Original Novels

Dark Arts: The Midnight Front

On the eve of World War II, a young American joins the Allies’ top-secret magickal warfare unit to avenge his murdered family—and to try to save the world.

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Star Trek: Discovery

Desperate Hours

To save a colony endangered by an alien threat, Lieutenant Commander Michael Burnham must confront her troubled past in order to unravel a deadly mystery.

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Star Trek: Titan

Fortune of War

The crew of the Starship Titan must prevent the weaponry of an extinct species from being used to trigger an interstellar war.

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Star Trek: Section 31


Julian Bashir gets his best chance yet to destroy the illegal spy organization known as Section 31. But his mission to protect the Federation might trigger its destruction.

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Star Trek: The Original Series

Legacies, Book 2: Best Defense

Captain Kirk and his crew seek a stolen device that opens a door between universes, but the Enterprise crew soon becomes targets in a deadly crossfire—one whose outcome will decide the fate of two universes.

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Jack Bauer is a man without a country, a fugitive hunted by the most powerful nations in the world. He lives on the run, survives by his wits, and finds purpose in his exile by waging a one-man war against those who profit from the death and suffering of others.

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Star Trek: Seekers

#3 Long Shot

Bizarre sensor readings lead the Starfleet scout ship Sagittarius to an alien world where efforts to harness a dangerous and unstable technology have thrown the laws of probability out of balance. Now, events that might have occurred only one time in a trillion are happening constantly — to deadly and dazzling effect.

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