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  • Clothbound Hardcover, Trade Paperback, eBook
  • Publisher: Crazy 8 Press, July 2019
  • ISBN-10: 1732040621
  • ISBN-13: 978-1732040625

“Chaos at Feast”

Short Story in Thrilling Adventure Yarns

Edited by Robert Greenberger

“Chaos at Feast” is a Lovecraftian-style horror-adventure tale. It is perhaps best described as Indiana Jones travels to the Heart of Darkness, where he finds an Eldritch Horror.

(art by Daniele Serra)

THE PULP MAGAZINE ERA was bristling with brawny men and statuesque women trotting all over the world, getting into and out of danger. Their exploits quickened the pulses of their readers, young and old alike. They gave rise to some of the most enduring heroes known the world ’round.

To honor and celebrate a bygone era, Crazy 8 Press has assembled a stellar line-up of writers to produce new thrills and chills, spanning mystery, sword and sorcery, horror, science fiction, romance, and adventures.

Meet Professor Ironheart! The Blue Mask! The Green Lady! Cannon Belle! And many more new heroes.

Each yarn is bigger and better than the one before it!


Derek Tyler Attico • Jim & Becky Beard • Russ Colchamiro
Paige Daniels • Kathleen O’Shea David • Peter David
Keith R.A. DeCandido • Mary Fan • Michael Jan Friedman
Robert Greenberger • Glenn Hauman • Robert T. Jeschonek
Karissa Laurel • Amy Lewanski • David Mack
Will Murray • Aaron Rosenberg • Jenifer Purcell Rosenberg

With a special treat, a never-before-published story by none other than legendary pulp writer Lester Dent!


Caio Cacau • Mike Collins • Karl Kesell • Peter Krause
Tom Mandrake • Jerry Ordway • Daniele Serra • Mark Wheatley

Cover Art by Alex Ronald

Table of Contents

"The Crazy Complicated Cat Caper"
Will Murray

"Opium Dreams"
Paige Daniels

"The Legend of Hammer Jack Curry"
Russ Colchamiro

"The Juggernauts of El Dorado"
Robert T. Jeschonek

"Professor Ironheart and the Führerbunker"
Peter David

Michael Jan Friedman

"Belle of the Ball"
Aaron Rosenberg

"Girl Running from House"
Jim & Becky Beard

"Trouble Came Walking Through My Door"
Kathleen O'Shea David

"Hate Hop"
Lester Dent

"The Last Gunslinger"
Mary Fan

"The Invasion from Planet-Ex"
Glenn Hauman

"Alien Invasion of Earth!"
Keith R.A. DeCandido

"The Third Law"
Derek Tyler Attico

"Not Just an Intern"
Amy Lewanski

"The Green Lady and the Rogue"
Karissa Laurel

"The Outsiders"
Jenifer Purcell Rosenberg

"Chaos at Feast"
David Mack

"Dreams of Kingdom"
Paul Kupperberg

Robert Greenberger