Divided We Fall

Published by Wildstorm Comics

Star Trek: The Next Generation &
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
four-issue comic-book crossover miniseries

Written by John J. Ordover & David Alan Mack
Pencils by Andrew Currie & Michael Collins (Issue #2)
Edited by Jeff Mariotte

#1 “Crossfire”
(May 2001)

#2 “No Quarter”
(June 2001)

#3 “All Fall Down”
(July 2001)

#4 “United We Stand”
(August 2001)

Psi Phi Star Trek Book Awards, Best Comic Book, 2001

Psi Phi Star Trek Book Awards, Comic Book Hall of Fame, 2003

Reviewers' Comments

"This is a crossover in the best sense — not just the crews from two series working together, but strong parallels between their lives and unique opportunities for cooperation. … The story offers both intense character drama and fast-paced action sequences, seamlessly intertwined."

"It's remarkable how much plot gets covered in the brief pages of [Issue Two] 'No Quarter,' and the female characters in particular really shine."

"Divided We Fall is as much a love story (or a series of them) as the story of an insurrection that nearly destroys a species. The character work is as memorable as the drama. With clear, attractive artwork and pacing like a television episode, this is an example of the comics medium at its finest."

Michelle Erica Green, Little Review






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