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  • Trade paperback, eBook,
    digital audiobook
  • Publisher: Gallery Books / Star Trek
    December 13, 2022
  • ISBN-10: 1668008661
  • ISBN-13: 978-1668008669

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Harm’s Way

An all-new Star Trek novel—continuing the legacy
of the critically acclaimed Vanguard series!



Captain James T. Kirk and the Enterprise crew race to save a missing Federation scientist, only to become trapped between the Klingons’ infamous Captain Kang and Starfleet’s mysterious Operation: Vanguard.


In eons long past, alien hegemons known as the Shedai ruled thousands of worlds in the Milky Way. For millennia their former thralls thought the Shedai were all dead and gone. They were wrong.


For a Starfleet landing party and a Klingon strike team, a race to capture the long-buried secrets of the Shedai turns into a fight for survival—one that can be won only by putting aside their conflicts and working together.


Reviewers' Comments

“everything I was hoping for”

“The plot is intense with plenty of mystery, drama, and action. … [T]he large cast of characters is well-maintained and easy to follow.”

“[I]t’s fast-paced, engaging, and hard to put down. This latest Star Trek installment was well-worth the wait.”

Angela Schuch,

“enjoyable, multi-faceted, and thoughtful”

Harm’s Way … [is] a hard sci-fi book and a morality tale in equal parts. Yes, you get all the tech talk, action, and cultural intrigue that comes with a typical Star Trek novel, but you also get a keen look into how the Federation and Klingons are the same in many ways.”

“It feels like a Star Trek episode through and through and will make you view certain long-standing characters and factions in a more multi-faceted way. Isn’t that what great storytelling is all about?”

Kyle Hadyniak,

“a lot of fun”

“[Harm’s Way] highlights the differences of the Federation crews and the Klingon crew, and we sort of get to journey with both of them and see how they are different and also very much the same…”

“…great Cold War shenanigans…”

“If you love ‘Balance of Terror’ … or submarine-style starship battles, you will definitely get some of that fun here.”

Jessie Gender After Dark


[Harm’s Way is] an entertaining story with a wider scope and larger cast than is typical of the original [Star Trek] television series. This allows the reader to better understand the characters and conflict in a fast-moving story that should satisfy fans of The Original Series.

—Terrence Miltner, Booklist (Dec. 16, 2022)

“masterfully done”

“The sci-fi world-building and alien elements were masterfully done and felt totally plausible. … I’d love to pick Mack’s brain to find out some of his inspirations.”

“The way Spock questions the pure pursuit of knowledge was just tremendous.”

“This was exactly the sort of adventure we needed. … Five out of five. Well done, David Mack!”

Jonathan Koan, Roqoo Depot

“a home run”

“The last Star Trek novel of 2022 turns out to be its best … [It] does everything you’d hope a Trek novel would do, with panache, humanity, and a great deal of humor.”

“Mack seems to find the most clever and humorous way of phrasing every sentence, such that reading each page is a joy.”

“Our favorite characters handled well, new characters that sparkle and have their own lives, rousing action, humanistic philosophy, cool ships and technology, an alien menace, Trekkian diplomacy, a large dollop of humor, and a compelling climax. What else could you ask for?”

Dénes House,

“a joy from start to finish”

“With the last Star Trek novel of [2022], Mack builds an engaging and tense voyage for the original crew which sits proudly alongside their greatest adventures.”

“No prior knowledge of the Vanguard series of novels are needed to read this book, as Mack introduces characters and starships logically and naturally into the prose. … It’s commendable how easily the Enterprise and Vanguard characters meld together.”

“Mack shows a deep level of understanding and reverence when dealing with the crew, clearly appreciative of exactly what makes these characters tick.”

“With this excellent novel, David Mack has again exemplified why he’s considered one of the great Star Trek authors.”

Jamie Flint,

“a fantastic read”

“David Mack does a fantastic job of fusing the Vanguard characters with the TOS characters.”

Star Trek: Harm's Way was a fantastic read. David Mack is a gifted writer, and his passion for Star Trek is evident in this book. 5/5 stars”


Billy Burgess,

“the perfect introduction to
the literary final frontier”

“The individual voice of each character we follow is always unique, be it Spock’s logical thinking or Kang’s sense of honor, and allows different but always informative insight into these characters’ motivations and reactions.”

“David Mack ... implicitly understands what Trek should be while bringing a new take to classic situations.”

“I can’t recommend Star Trek: Harm’s Way enough. From being thoroughly invested in the character journeys at its heart to its engagingly well-written story, David Mack has produced a winner here.”

Ethan Chamberlain,

“a fun read”

“Fans of [Star Trek: The Original Series] will love the book.”

“If you knew absolutely nothing about the TV series you could pick this book up and follow the story without a problem.”

“[W]hether you’ve watched Star Trek since you were a kid or just heard of it today, Harm’s Way will be a fun read if you enjoy adventures on distant planets with dangerous, hostile aliens hell-bent on destruction.”

Luna Gauthier, The Cosmic Circus