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  • eBook: 95 pages
  • Publisher: Star Trek (September 26, 2001)
  • ISBN-10: 0-7434-2873-0
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7434-2873-6

Invincible, Part 2 of 2


Long believed to be just a Nalori myth, the shii has turned out to he devastatingly real. The monster — seemingly invulnerable, undeniably powerful, and completely ruthless — carves a swath through the Nalori mining project on the crystal planet of Sarindar. The project’s supervisor, Commander Sonya Gomez, must find a way to stop the deadly creature before it destroys the entire project and its workers.

But when the truth behind the shii is revealed, Gomez realizes that even one of the S.C.E.’s top officers may not be able to solve every problem….

The exciting conclusion to the gripping, all-new two-pail adventure!

Reviewers' Comments

"…a book that's great fun to read, that develops characters both familiar and novel, that maintains a sense of humor and occasional sexiness despite its harrowing action…"

Michelle Erica Green,