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  • Paperback, 112 pages
  • Publisher: BOOM! Studios and Simon & Schuster
  • ISBN-10: 1608865800
  • ISBN-13: 978-1608865802

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Vol. 1: Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

“I long ago learned the advantages of patience.”

 A solo Scorpius graphic-novel series, sure to excite and energize all of Farscape fandom! A frightening, black-leather clad presence with a face like a skull — the half breed Scorpius — takes his villainy to new heights.

John Crichton’s worst adversary, fandom’s favorite villain, and one of science fiction’s greatest antagonists, finds himself deposed from his usurped throne on Hyneria and making a bold new discovery that could put him back on top of the Uncharted Territories!

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie is an excellent new entry point for Farscape fans that might have missed the BOOM! Studios Farscape graphic novels that came before! Plotted by Farscape series creator Rockne S. O’Bannon and scripted by New York Times bestselling Star Trek writer David Alan Mack, with art by Mike Ruiz.

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