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  • Trade paperback (448 pages), eBook, Audiobook
  • Publisher: Gallery Books
    (November 30, 2021)
  • ISBN-10: 1982159677
  • ISBN-13: 9781982159672

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Oblivion’s Gate

The crews of Jean-Luc Picard, Benjamin Sisko, Ezri Dax, and William Riker unite to prevent a cosmic-level apocalypse—only to find that some fates really are inevitable.




Captain Benjamin Sisko takes the Defiant back in time and into a parallel universe, so that he and Data can undo the vile sabotage that triggered the Temporal Apocalypse.


Meanwhile, Admiral William T. Riker’s grasp of reality becomes more tenuous by the minute. Can his beloved Deanna Troi free him from madness before it’s too late?


Starfleet’s heroes risk everything to set time right. But will Captain Jean-Luc Picard let Beverly Crusher and their son die? Or will he destroy the multiverse to save them?

Check out Big Mood – Oblivion’s Gate, my hand-curated Spotify playlist for the Star Trek: Coda trilogy in general, and Book III: Oblivion’s Gate in particular. The lyrics of each of the chosen songs contain clues (some subtle, some not so subtle) to the trilogy’s various character arcs and story lines.

If you’re just looking for suitable background music for reading, check out my Star Trek: Coda – Reading Music playlist on Spotify.

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Art by Alan Dingman


Reviewers' Comments


“Things I loved: An incredibly sensitive, multi-reality, multi-decade take on Picard. Probably the most rounded take ever on this character.”

“David Mack’s writing sets it apart. Mack excels at description, and there’s such an abundance of it here, on every imaginable scale—from the most grandiose cosmic phenomena to the most ephemeral instant of inner consciousness—that it’s almost an embarrassment of riches.”

“Mack’s control of prose is at its finest here. Given his nearly thirty Trek novels, that’s saying something.”

Alvaro Zinos-Amaro,


“Hands down, Oblivion’s Gate is the best in the Coda trilogy.”

“The stakes have never been higher for our favorite Trek characters.”

“[Whether] you’re a passionate or casual Trek reader, you’re going to want to read Star Trek: CodaOblivion’s Gate.”

Billy Burgess, Coffee Addicted Writer


“One of the first things that struck me was the beautiful, poetic quality of David’s prose. It is the writing style of someone who has read and absorbed a great deal of poetry and music, and he brings that musical, poetic quality to the novel.”

“The nature of television shows means that — week after week, season after season — we see our heroes survive the unsurvivable, and we can begin to find them invincible, as somehow cheating death. But Oblivion’s Gate gives us a precious gift: that of seeing our heroes realize they are about to die, and resolve that their deaths shall mean something.”

Ruth Anne Amsden, Warp Factor Trek


“An epic Star Trek trilogy comes to a close in this unforgettable and emotional novel.”

“…action-packed … suspenseful … a bittersweet finale.”

Angela Schuch,


“What we appreciated about Oblivion’s Gate is that it’s clear the stakes are deeply personal, despite the universe-spanning story.”

“We can only imagine the kind of pressure David Mack was under in writing this entry of the Coda trilogy. … [F]or our money Mack accomplishes his mission with grace.”

“Mack has delivered a literary effort worthy of … undivided attention.”

Kyle Hadyniak,


Oblivion’s Gate is a rousing tear-jerker of an action story that shows many of the characters we have loved for 55 years at their finest hour, making the ultimate sacrifice. There are a surfeit of last stands, noble gestures, expressions of love, and grand goodbyes. The result is impressive, emotional, and satisfying, and brings the post-Nemesis Star Trek lit-verse to a fitting conclusion. And it all ends with a capstone that will make the heart of every Star Trek fan rejoice.”

Oblivion’s Gate is packed with action and lore, but it still finds time for key character moments, both light and dark. … I cried over a dozen times in the second half of the book. It’s that effective.”

Dénes House,


“If you liked … the classic TNG episode ‘Yesterday’s Enterprise,’ Oblivion’s Gate is for you.”

C. J. Bunce,


“…engaging and […] well written, with plenty of great character moments”

“My biggest complaint is that it’s over.”

“We can only hope that the Prime Timeline will be worth the sacrifice.”

Sue of Women at Warp

“Mack, in conjunction with Ward and Swallow, has given these characters, with whom we’ve spent so much time both on screen and in print form, a conclusion that remains true to them all, in their individual ways, as well as the ethos of the Star Trek universe.”

“There are so many moments […] that feel defining for these characters. … And the epilogue is a masterstroke.”

“Verdict: An excellent capstone to 20 years of serialised storytelling. 10/10”

Paul Simpson, Sci Fi Bulletin


“Mack steps up to the plate in an unexpectedly powerful way. He … weaves a deeply emotional tale that adroitly balances intergalactic stakes amid interpersonal ramifications.”, “5 Star Trek Novels Every Fan Should Read”


“I really loved a lot of the elements this book built on.”

“I’ve always loved Borg stories, and this is a pretty fresh take on them. ... The Borg Queen of this reality is a pretty wild alternate take on the character too, which was rather fun.”

“Wesley was one of the real surprise highlights of this book ... [S]eeing him grow into a bit of a superhero as a Traveler was kind of cool.”

“If you’ve read the books that precede this trilogy, this is a worthy, if brutally final, end to a huge era of story-telling.”

James Grigg,