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  • Mass Market Paperback: 400 pages
  • Publisher: Star Trek (November 24, 2009)
  • ISBN-10: 1439130116
  • ISBN-13: 978-1439130117

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Operation Vanguard is in chaos.

On a post-apocalyptic world in the Taurus Reach, undercover Starfleet Intelligence agent Cervantes Quinn finds an ancient Shedai conduit. Unfortunately, the Klingons have found it first and sent an army to claim it.

Light-years away on Vulcan, reporter Tim Pennington answers a cryptic call for help and ends up stalking interstellar criminals with an unlikely partner: T’Prynn, the woman who sabotaged his career and is now a fugitive from justice.

Meanwhile, Diego Reyes, former commander of Starbase 47, lives as a prisoner aboard a Klingon starship. But his former enemies aren’t seeking revenge. In fact, the only man who knows why Reyes is still alive is the one who arranged his kidnapping and faked his death — the enigmatic Councillor Gorkon.

All their fates, as well as the futures of three great powers, are linked by one thing: the mysterious Mirdonyae Artifact. And unless Dr. Carol Marcus and Ming Xiong can unlock its secrets in time, it might destroy them all.

Reviewers' Comments


“The Vanguard series continues its strong run as it crosses over the midway mark, and now the epic scope is really starting to pay off.”

“[Precipice] has a space western feel about it that would please any Firefly fan. … David Mack has always been good at action, and this is easily one of the most exciting Star Trek books I’ve read.”

“Five books in, I now see why this series is so beloved by Star Trek readers, and I cannot wait to get into the next volume.”

Verdict: 5/5

Alex Hormann, At Boundary’s Edge

"[A]n enjoyable and well-paced read. 
 [Cervantes] Quinn's [arc] is spectacular, carving out for the reader a much deeper perspective on his past."

"There are other surprises to be found between the covers of Precipice, all of them worth your time. Mack's visit to the Taurus Reach definitely satisfies a momentary thirst, but will invoke a new hunger in the hearts of Vanguard fans who want to see more. Here's hoping that the 'more' will be on its way very, very soon!"

Robert Lyons,

"David Mack does an outstanding job balancing the various characters and storylines while making every one of them vital and interesting. … Overall, this book is arguably the best one yet."

—Jeff Ayers,

"More of that kickass Vanguard intensity discerning Trek fans have come to know and love…"

Steve Roby, The Starfleet Library

"Precipice is told on a very broad canvas, with Mack assuredly moving the various characters forward in their storylines."

"This is one of the best of the Vanguard series yet — high praise, given that each novel has been among the best produced by Pocket over the last decade."

—Peter Quentin, Total Sci-Fi

"From the beginning, this series has proven itself to be well written and extremely enjoyable. Each successive novel get, better and betteras the characters and story get deeper and more profound."

"David Mack definitely let loose on this one as it explodes with action and great dialog at every turn. It's hard to believe what he has managed to pack into 331 pages."

"What a fantastic novel!"

—Keith Brown, Reviews for Kicks