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  • Trade Paperback, eBook,
    Digital Audio
  • Publisher: Tor Books
    (January 15, 2019)
  • ISBN-10: 0765383217
  • ISBN-13: 9780765383211

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Dark Arts: The Iron Codex

Doctor Strange meets Jason Bourne: The fires of Hell heat up the Cold War in this globe-spanning thriller sequel to The Midnight Front.

1954: In Southeast Asia, Cade Martin, hero of The Midnight Front during World War II, chases ghosts and flees his past. In the United States, Briet Segfrunsdóttir heads the Pentagon’s top-secret magickal warfare program. And in South America, Anja Kernova hunts fugitive Nazi sorcerers with the help of a powerful magickal tome known as The Iron Codex.

In an ever-more dangerous world, a chance encounter sparks an international race to find Anja and steal The Iron Codex. Anja is hunted by friend and foe alike, leading to a showdown on Bikini Atoll in March 1954: the Castle Bravo nuclear test, where science and black magic are destined to collide.

Thank you to everyone who nominated and voted for The Iron Codex in the Best Alternate History Novel category for the 2019 Dragon Awards.

Audiobook Preview

Listen to a sample of the audiobook for The Iron Codex, read by voice artist Natasha Soudek.


The Iron Codex Spotify Playlist

Enhance your reading experience with the music that inspired the novel. I’ve published a guide to the novel’s hand-curated playlist. Give it a read, and then give the music a listen.


Reviewers' Comments

“Full of action and political shenanigans, this will delight readers of alternate history who appreciate a bracing dose of the supernatural.”

Selected as one of Amazon's “5 Top Picks” of Science Fiction and Fantasy Books, January 2019

Adrian Liang, Amazon Book Review

“Magnetic … addictive … breakneck plotting.”

“Mack’s storytelling … kept me fully invested in each character and turning the pages.”

“I enjoyed the hell out of this novel. … Dark Arts is turning out to be a blast of a series, and I can’t wait to read the next installment, The Shadow Commission.”

Rob Bedford, SFFWorld

“If you like your history twisted up with fantastic magical invention, this is the series for you.”

Selected as one of Barnes & Noble's “Best Science Fiction and Fantasy Books of January 2019”

Jeff Somers, B&N Sci-Fi & Fantasy Blog

“[A] very exciting tale … impossible to put down.”

Henry Leon Lazarus, University City Review